Low Cost - Yea Right

I'm not sure how many of you have had the privilege of calling healthcare.gov, or one of their many insurance providers, but man, what a disaster. I called them on my phone couple weeks ago about adding my wife and daughter to our policy. What's amazing ot me is how people will act like they know what they are doing when they really have no idea. I remember I used to trust customer services reps when I was younger. I used to assume that they were doing the right thing, every time, but obviously it's not the case. This one worker who handled my call told me that everything was set, my wife and daughter were added and there was nothing to worry about. What actually happened though was a completely different story. She ended up creating a brand new application, causing my active insurance to be in a pending mode. Basically I didn't have any insurance for a bit. Anyway, what a mess. Just another case of health care in shambles, hopefully it will get better. The good thing is my company just increased their coverage, so now I can add my wife and daughter on to my company's plan, which means I don't have to deal with healthcare.gov or Coventry Health, who by the way are pulling out of our state anway. So, I guess it is all working out for the better. Till next time, take it easy.

Written on 25 October 2016