Gimme A Break

The whole idea of low cost health insurance really makes me laugh. It's a novel idea, but it doesn't exist. Right now it costs more money to see a doctor than ever before. Hopefully there will be some changes coming soon, because families are struggling and we need the help. I know it's a hard problem to solve, but we have to come together on this issue and make it easier on families. I pay over $1100 a month for my wife and daughter. I am lucky that I can afford it, but I have heard so many stories about people who just can't. They are stuck without insurance, hoping that they don't get sick. With our advances in science, medicine and technology, you would think we could figure out a system that works better for everyone. Hopefully we will some day. Until then, just try to enjoy your life, that's the motto I live my. Let whatever happens be ok, because resisting will only cause you more stress, which will get you sick! Try to kick back and relax every once in a while. Speaking of relaxing, last week I went out for a bachelor party in NYC with my buddies. It was awesome. We took a really sweet limo bus, fully decked out. We felt like rockstars. This is what I am talking about, sometimes you just have to let it all hang out and let loose. No need to worry! Studies show that people who don't worry so much are healthier. So remember that the next time you are stressing about health insurance. Maybe take a page out of our ancestors book and have a drink, maybe some Whiskey for that soar throat. I know there was pleanty of that on the party bus. So until next time, chill out and enjoy life.

Written on 20 October 2016